My Family and I (Paul) just love dogs plain and simple. We could never find a place to board our own dogs that we felt comfortable with so that is why we built Running Pond Acres. We wanted dogs to be free and play all day long doing the things dogs really love to do, such as: chasing one another, playing in the water, digging in the sandboxes, playing in the snow (when it snows) swimming or just snoozing under a tree, dogdreaming whatever their heart desires.

grew up in Oregon and Washington. We love dogs, and got Molly right away. She was small and easy to take with us when we could. As you can see from the photo our dog family has grown. We now have 5 doggies of our own. Paul has Sophie (Great Dane) and Molly (Maltese), My youngest daughter Charmagne has Brett (a Pug), and Jessica has Brandi (a pug). Ruby is my little newest addition to our family. She is a sweet little King Charles Spaniel.

There are so many guests that come and go and it is so fun for us to watch the doggies all play together. There are some doggies that don’t really want to be around other dogs and that is OK. We never force them and they can have their own private area. Many people ask us if we train? We do not. Our doggies are so spoiled we would be terrible at training! They ask us if we breed? No we do not. There are plenty of doggies who need homes. We do not go to dog shows either, if you can only imagine, all our doggie guests are quite entertaining on their own.